April 08, 2011

Sailor Moon Figurine Collection

As a child I was really into Sailor Moon when it was first aired on TV in the U.S. (1995, I do believe)
I never really got into collecting the merchandise, but I do have a little set of action figures and a large amount of VHS tapes. Here are the figurines I have.
 I wish Chibiusa was Sailor Chibi Moon instead of Black Lady. She looks out of place as amongst the Sailor Scouts.
The only ones that will stay upright for a prolonged amount of time are Sailor Mars and Black Lady. The others always topple over, despite their bulky white leg braces. Because of this I do not display them on a shelf as I would like, but instead just keep them in a box.


Joana Croft said...

I have these exact same figurines and the same happens to me. It's a shame because they are rather cute.

Sakamaru said...

Funny how you call her 'Chibiusa' but call them the 'Sailor Scouts' (term exclusive to the screwed up English dub)...

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