January 16, 2011

Decoden Sugar Cookie Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hello! (。・ω・)ノ゙ コンチャ ☆彡

I have a new tutorial for sugar cookies, perfect for decoden and sweet lolita jewelry projects! This tutorial covers how to make polymer clay cookies that are textured and browned. This technique is simple and the project doesn't require many supplies, which makes it good for beginners.

Please enjoy! ♥
You can also view this tutorial at deviantArt

Click image to enlarge.
♥ After you have applied the chalk pastel you may have to touch up your clay's texture.
♥ A soft toothbrush will create a different texture than a hard toothbrush, you can also use a nail brush or sandpaper. Experiment and try different textures.
♥ A soft paint brush also works well for applying the chalk pastel, especially for smaller pieces.


The Candy Sanctuary said...

I love the tutorial even though I already know how make cookies. Its simple and great for people that always wondered how to make clay cookies!

Mini Mo said...

Nice tutorial :) I sometimes use acrylic paint dilluten in water and then apply with sponge.

Btw How come I've never seen your blog! :D I think I will be visiting it from now on :D

Kerous said...

Thank you both!
I will have to try the acrylic paint next time.

I haven't posted my blog at the LJ community until now, so that might be part of why you've never seen it before.

Miss R. said...

Great blog!

Laura said...

They look really realistic!!! Arghh l filmed a youtube tutorial today on how to make polymer clay cookies, but mine don't look half as convincing as yours! l will be trying out your method.

ElisaeZucchina said...

Thanks for this tutorial:-))

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