January 12, 2011

52 Crafty Projects No. 1 - Shirt Improvement

This is the first of a weekly post based on my 2011 new year's resolution. I will be completing one craft project a week for the next year, totaling 52 projects. Each Wednesday I'll blog the finished craft piece.

For the first week of 2011 I improved one of my shirts. I love this shirt, but it has a few light bleach spots that bothered me, even though they weren't very noticeable.
I love the end result and it was so easy!
 I had a pink shirt that didn't fit well, it was the perfect material for making heart patches. This worked great to cover the spots on the bottom of the shirt. The upper part of the shirt seemed bare. First I tried adding hearts to the top, but I didn't like the way it look. In the end I chose a pink ribbon sewn onto the collar, which I felt completed the look.

Now I just have to wait for warmer weather to arrive...