April 11, 2011

Updates: New Hair Color, Thrifted Lolita Skirt, Pen pal

I dyed my hair the other day. I went from a medium-light brown to dark brown. The color was suppose to be medium dark brown, but it ended up being very dark and looks black in certain lighting. I like the end result even though it turned out a little darker than planned.

Here is my new hair color, as well as a quick shot of my outfit.
I was going to get rid of the skirt because it is short and I didn't think I had anything to wear with it. While cleaning my closet out I came across this skirt I haven't worn in awhile and some black leggings, so I decided to pair them all together. I like the outcome and the skirt length isn't an issue when worn with the leggings, so I will be keeping it after all.

I received a letter from my pen pal, she included some cute stickers and a handmade cookie charm. She lives in Mexico and apparently the mail between here and there takes forever.

I found this skirt at a thrift store. I was super excited, it seems like a great find, and would work well for a lolita outfit. Unfortunately it is a bit too big, but I'm planning on attempting to resize it. I looked around online and it doesn't seem too hard of a task. Besides, even if something goes terribly wrong it won't matter much since I only paid $4.
Thanks for reading! ♥
The cute pixel dividers were made by Cherri Drop, they can be found here.


NanaChan said...

I love your new hair color!
And it is nice that ur penpal sent you such cute items!!! :D

Cherri Drop said...
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Cherri Drop said...

I am sooooo jealous of your thrift find!!!
And your hair really suits you its like you were born with it hehe
Thanks for using and linking back my dividers i am happy to see them get used ^.^

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