July 10, 2010

Black & White Polka Dots

(。・ω・)ノ゙Hello~! Just popping in for a quick outfit post. This will be the second one so far. I had originally planned to do one atleast once a week, but I failed. Oh well, let's try again. I'm trying to post in this blog more often. Anyways, about the outfit...

This outfit is actually a shirt worn over a dress. The dress underneath has straps and buttons up. I bought it a long time ago at the thrift store. For a long time I never wore it because it wasn't flattering on me. It doesn't really have a waistline on it. So it sat in my closet for two years, untouched.

Eventually my mom gave me this shirt for christmas (or maybe it was my birthday), which she bought at a yard sale. I really love it, it has a cute ruffle on the bottom.

One day I was searching my closet for something to wear and spotted the dress. I decided to see how it would look if it were worn under this shirt. Success! I liked it.

I am actually considering altering the dress now that I have a sewing machine. One idea is to make it into a skirt. I am not sure if I will keep it long or make it mid-length. The other idea I have is to keep it as a dress, but add a black sash that ties in the back, shorten it to knee length, and add a black ruffle along the bottom. Obviously this would take more time and skill, but I think it would look nice. If I do alter it I will make sure to post an entry about it. ☆彡

PS- Product reviews are coming soon, as well as a couple of suprises. ♥