July 06, 2010

Trip to the Craft Store

Last payday I had a little extra money so I decided it was time to buy some new craft supplies. It has been a long time since I have bought any supplies, months and months, so I was thrilled to be getting some new stuff. Unfortunately I have no self control and went a bit overboard on my little shopping spree. I planned on spending $25, instead I doubled that. I was just so excited to be at Hobby Lobby! And there were so many good deals.

So, what does $49.37 in craft supplies look like? 27 items, take a look:

I think my biggest find was the rubber stamps. One of them was only 50 cents! The others are normally around $10ea, but I got them for about $3ea. I just couldn't pass up a deal like that on pretty stamps.
What cost the most was the two big blocks of polymer clay, which were $8.99ea. But I needed clay and it saves me money in the long run. To get the same amount of clay in the smaller blocks would cost about $4 more.

The dollhouse miniatures were on sale for 50% off! When I saw they were on sale my heart started beating super fast, I was so excited. Sadly they were out of most of the stuff, so I only ended up getting two things (which is probably a good thing). I bought a silver tea set and some plates. They will be going into a shadow box I am working on. I'll make some cake to go onto the plates.

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Mini Mo said...

Wow, very nice set of crafty presious things! I could spend a whole day at craft store just walking around and lokk at things! :D

Are you into miniatures and dollhouse items? I'm just getting the miniature bug and I think it will be a very addictive hobby! :D

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