January 07, 2010

New Year, New Town

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!
I haven't been online much lately due to the fact that I moved. I left Albuquerque, NM on Dec 30th to come to Texas. This is the first time I've moved out of the state. At first I wasn't too happy about it, but this place is alright so far. The weather is so nice here (although everyone from here complains that it is freezing). Yesterday it was 65 degrees, in January! No need for a coat.

I also love that the bay is only three blocks away from my new place, I can just walk right down there! It kinda smells though, since the bay is so enclosed. I wish I lived next to the ocean! I went there the second day I was here and it was so awsome. I love the ocean breeze! I collected a ton of shells. I'm a little strange about shells, I don't really like them but I absolutely love gathering them.

I'm hoping to find a nice little shop in San Antonio or somewhere nearby that is similar to Tokyo Hardcore back in ABQ. I'll still be selling my jewlery at Tokyo Hardcore, but I would like to try to get my stuff in a shop around here as well. I've tried searching online but so far no luck. Maybe I am using the wrong keywords, but I have tried everything I can think of.

Anyways, beach photos and previews of new products will be posted when I have the chance. I haven't gotten the internet connected at my new home yet, hopefully that will be soon. Until then I will be using the coffee shop's wifi, so my online time will be limited and scarce.

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Mei said...

Moving's usually a terrible process, what with all the moving, the packing, getting accustomed to the new places. But that's good that you're feeling better about the whole thing.

I just moved to where I am too about a year ago, and I took a long time trying to look for a brick and mortar to sell my jewelry. Didn't get much luck, so I'm just focusing on selling them online for now. So I hope you have better luck than I do! :)

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