November 11, 2009

Jewelry Box Creation

I'm working on some new jewelry boxes, I can't wait until I'm finished. I'm working on eight different boxes. Some of them just need to be glossed, but whenever I have time the weather has been less than satisfactory.
Glossing inside the apartment is a big no-no, it smells bad and if I were to spill any on the carpet that would be a disaster. Especially since it is oil based. Let's hope for a day that is warm and the winds are gentle.

Oh, and I have to cut the birds off of food the day I gloss, or else they will get bird seed shells in the gloss. It happened once to some charms, they were ruined and I was so sad. Why do they have to throw the shells everywhere? They also throw the seeds they don't like out of the feeder. Those darn birds...

The heart one isn't even close to completion, the striped one and the polka dot one are close, and the star one just needs to be glossed. The other four are staying a secret until they're finished.

I really love the star one, I'm not sure if I will be able to let it go. I just might have to keep it for myself. Or maybe I'll make another one that is similar.