January 25, 2010

New Supplies and Decoden Ideas

I bought a new storage box for all my rhinestones and flat back pearls the other day. Its a rectangular box with 25 little round storage containers inside. Before I had some stackable round containers, but I didn't like them very much. These are much more convenient for me! I love how easy it is to see everything inside.

As you can see I have filled all but one of the containers. I paid $5.00 for the case. It is normally $10 at Joann's, but I had a 50% off coupon. I love coupons so much!
My rhinestones are from Micheal's and Joann's, I bought them either on sale or clearance. Sadly they don't sell flatback pearls, so I have to get them online. I bought the hot pink ones from Misssapporo and the others were mixed colour packs from Delish Beads. It took so long to sort out all those colours!

For a list of my recommended Etsy sellers, please read this blog post, which includes mini-reviews and shop links.

I need to get some new curved tweezers for my decoden projects. I can't find my old ones anywhere. I tried using some straight tweezers, but things didn't go too well. It's much harder with the straight ones, in my opinion.

 I want a transparent pink housing and a clear hardcover for my PSP. and I am going to deco on the clear cover. Why not do it directly on the new housing? Because if I don't like it in the future I can just take off the cover case, which is about half the price of the housing.

I am still working on the deco design, I'm having trouble deciding exactly what I want to do. I will be using pink rhinestones and flatback pearls in assorted shades. I might do a heart design. Maybe if I find some nice gold cabochons I'll add those into the design as well.

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