April 12, 2012

Craft Post- Sweet Lolita Brooches

 School and work are keeping me extremely busy, so I haven't been able to update recently.
Here is a photo I took the other day of my handmade sweet lolita brooches. They are all handmade from polymer clay.

Some of them I've posted before, so you may have seen them before. But, there are a couple new ones. The umbrella is the most recent.


The Glass Princess said...

They're so amazing!

The Candy Sanctuary said...

I love the heart and star shaped cookies! :D

Kaori said...

You're very talented! These cuties look just like real cookies :)

Kerous said...

Thank you!~

Meghan O'Leary said...

How did you get the "baked" edges? What technique did you use?

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