January 11, 2012

Miniature Chocolate Chip Cookie Earrings

Hello lovelies!
I'm sorry this blog has been so stagnant lately. (I began waaayy too many blog posts with an apology for not blogging, don't I?)

Here is a pair of miniature chocolate chip cookie stud earrings that I made from polymer clay. The cookies are about 1.5cm wide.

I've been photographing and re-photographing many of my creations lately.
It was suggested to me that I should photograph my items with white backgrounds instead of the colorful fabrics and scrapbook paper I like to use. I'm trying it out, but I think I still prefer the colorful backgrounds, because I like cute and bright stuff. White seems so boring.

I have also been listing items in my Etsy shop lately. My shop was empty for a long time and I had pretty much given up on Etsy, but I have decided to give it another shot. I think this is the most items I have ever had in my shop at one time (16 items!)