March 01, 2011

Magic to Craft: 52 Sweet Spells No. 7- Classic Lolita Headband

I had some computer issues last week, which prevented me from blogging my weekly project.
Last week I converted the bow brooch from my Bodyline skirt into a hair bow. You can see the skirt and original bow in this entry.
 I had planned to use a clip on the back, but after some thought decided a headband would be more suitable. The project was simple and quick.

I used a beadable wire headband bought from Hobby Lobby. I took the pin back off the bow and I removed the strand of pearls that hung down from the bow. I used the pearls for the headband along with some smaller glass pearls.

Originally I was planning to use some gold/tan pearls (not really sure how to describe the color) that matched the yellow of the bow, but the holes were too small for the headband. When I tried to use a pearl reamer I just ended up breaking them in half so I gave up.

Thanks for reading!~ ♥


Cherri Drop said...

Omg you really made that!? sooo pretty ♡

Kerous said...

Thanks. I didn't sew the bow, it was a detachable bow from a skirt. I just converted it from a brooch to a headband.

NanaChan said...

That is so cute! I would wear it!

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