February 01, 2011

New Pink Rose Classic Lolita Skirt

I just got home from work and I'm so excited. My new Bodyline classic lolita skirt arrived today! I couldn't even wait to open it until I walked upstairs, I just started tearing open the package as I  ran towards my apartment. Once inside I couldn't get it on fast enough! Sadly today is too windy and cold so I took it off shortly after.

I traded a handmade necklace and bracelet in exchange for this skirt read here. I am very happy with the trade, the skirt is in great shape. There are a few changes that I will probably make on the skirt and the bow, which are mentioned below. Overall I love the skirt. I have been wanting a skirt with rose print.

I don't like these bows, I plan on replacing them or removing all together.
The bow is detachable. I might remove the pearls and turn the bow into a hair accessory.


NanaChan said...

The dress is beautiful!

lovemykuroi said...

omg that is sooooo pretty! i love all of the detail on it...and i agree the little pink ribbons can go :)

MisVermilion said...

That skirt is lovely,I like its style

Ceeyra Catastrophe said...

oh, that skirt is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I got the same in black and cream color ^-^ it's a really pretty dress ! but the removable bow is really useful to put into a 'neck" accessories with your shirt.

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