March 31, 2011

Magic to Craft: 52 Sweet Spells No. 12- Plastic Pink Bow Bracelet

Hello! I hope everyone has been well.
I've been busy trying to organize my craft supplies, cleaning, tending to my little balcony garden, as well as working hard at my job. I worked overtime this week, I was so surprised! I still managed to do a weekly craft project though.

This week is another reconstruction project.
I had bought this plastic hair tie at the bargain store, but it was poorly put together by hot gluing the metal part of the elastic hair tie (a thick hot pink one with poor stretch) to the back of the plastic bow. And it looked strange when worn. So I decided to turn it into a pearl bracelet. 

I pulled the hair tie off, drilled some holes, and threaded a string of pearls on clear elastic thread through the holes. Super easy and much nicer looking than previously. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of what it looked like before.
Thanks for reading!


Kawaiiberri92 said...

super cute (· x · ♥)

NanaChan said...

Looks like an hair accessory too!

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