March 24, 2011

Magic to Craft: 52 Sweet Spells No. 11- Lollipop Pendants

Hello, sorry for not posting a project last week! But here is what I created for this week:

To match the lollipop earrings I previously made, I decided to make some lollipop pendants. These will go on chain, one silver and one gold. I am unfortunately out of chain, so that has to wait until I get some more.
I've been having fun making lollipops lately because they're easy and fast to make, which is important since I've been busy with lots of other things recently.

The week prior to this I worked on a couple different crochet projects, but only finished a dishcloth and a cat toy, neither of which I felt were interesting or cute enough to blog about. The other projects I started on are a choker, brooch, and I worked on an ongoing blanket. I'll post up the choker and brooch when I'm finished.


NanaChan said...

This is so cute!!! :D :D :D I love the touch of ribbon + pearls

MissVermilion said...

That's sweet,little pearls make such a delicate detail!

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