July 31, 2010

Dripping Chocolate Effect For Deco

This box is unfinished, but was the best example I have
Ever wonder how to get the dripping chocolate effect on your sweet boxes, like the one above?

It's actually super easy and inexpensive, all you need is puff paint (aka 3d or dimensional paint). It can be found in the fabric paint section of your local craft store. Just squeeze it on your item in a dripping chocolate pattern and allow it to dry.

Scribbles 3D Paint is the brand I use
A few tips:
♥ When you squeeze it on, you want to make sure to apply it thickly.
♥ If you apply it too thin it won't be puffy and won't look much like chocolate.
♥ I always start at the end of the drip, using more pressure, then move upwards and lighten my pressure as I go, that way there is more paint at the end than the rest. Sorry, I don't know how exactly to explain what I'm trying to say.
♥ Avoid the paints that are shimmery or have glitter, instead choose the one that is labeled as "shiny"
♥ You can use it on other items other than boxes, I use it on ice cream scoop jewelry as a topping.

Hope this was helpful! ☆彡