March 08, 2010

Hair and Simple Rhinestone Nails

Last night I attempted to do my hair. I am not very good at styling hair, I'm really terrible at it actually. It turned out kinda weird, not really the way I wanted. I didn't have enough hair to cover up my ball of teased hair.

Sorry for the bad pic, I didn't have enough light and don't know where my remote release is so it was kinda hard getting a good shot.

I also decorated some acrylic nails the other day with rhinstones. Both hands have the same designs, but I did different designs for each nail. I kept the rhinestones to a minimum, trying to keep the nails simple and elegant. I think the next set I do will be more flashy and will include pink rhinestones.


Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

i like your nails! simple yet pretty :) xx

N said...

Oh, I really like both your hair and your nails! They're like Anita said: simple (but not so simple to make, I guess) yet pretty.

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