March 25, 2009

Flickr and the Picky Eater

I have a flickr account now! I have uploaded a few photos, but not much. Hopefully I will get more uploaded soon. I also joined a few groups.

About a week ago I got some bird feeders that I hung on the tree next to my balcony. When it rains the finches always come and hang out in the tree, which is what gave me the idea of getting the feeders. Sparrows and doves are now coming as well. The doves are entirely too big to eat from the feeders, so I have been sprinkling seeds along the ledge of my balcony for them.

There is one sparrow that comes everyday and pushes the seeds out of the feeder with the side of his head. I think he is a picky eater, and just digging around for the sunflower seeds. He also comes on the balcony edge and only eats the sunflower seeds.