September 19, 2011

Pink Two Way Fluffy Star

I've been wanting to make one of these chocomint inspired fluffy stars for so long. I've had all the supplies for months, but haven't had the time/motivation. Over the weekend I finally got around to making one. It isn't actually 100% finished, because I still need to add glitter to the white star.

I attempted a fluffy heart awhile ago, but it was an experiment and turned out not so puffy and fluffy. I only had green to work with and the wire I used was too soft, therefore it easily bent out of shape.

I used the wrong glue on my first try. The fluffy material just sucked it all up like a sponge. That's when I realized I needed to use hot glue. I'm surprised I even own a hot glue gun, since I only use it once or twice a year.