September 13, 2011

Outfit Post- Gingham Lolita

Hello! Just thought I would post another outfit.

I have a Geology test coming up soon, therefore I'm busy studying. I thought Geology would be more exciting. The reason I chose Geology as my science course is because I love watching shows on PBS about earthquakes, volcanoes, and other Earth systems. It isn't the class that bothers me, but rather the textbook. Oh well.
Now that I'm finished with that digression lets get on to the outfit. ♥

I only took two photos and the one of the front of my outfit didn't turn out well, so I'm just posting the back view. This is my favorite lolita skirt I own, as well as the only brand piece. It fits me much better than the rest of my skirts.

I have trouble when it comes to tying waist ties. I spend so much time tying and untying them, in a desperate attempt to make it perfect. I never do achieve that perfection. In the end I will finally decided they are good enough and give up. I don't know why I have so much trouble, after all, I feel I am pretty good at tying ribbon bows.

I actually made a set of bows for my braids, but decided only one holding back my fringe would look better. It still felt like it was missing something, so I added the lace. I don't like this lace much, it is only temporary until I buy some that I find more suitable.

Skirt- Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
Hair bow- handmade
Everything else- Off brand