August 29, 2011

Creative Paper Clay Review

Awhile back I picked up a package of Creative Paper Clay at my local Hobby Lobby for $4.99
I have used paper clay before, but not this brand. Previously I've used a couple different Japanese brands including Fuwa Fuwa. I decided to try this since it was easily available and I needed some lightweight clay for a project I'm working on.

Here is the texture of the clay.

I made this rose as a test run of the clay. 
I was disappointed that the clay doesn't dry bright white, but rather an antique or off white.

It developed some cracks while it was drying. They could be filled after it has dried with wet clay, but since I don't really have plans for this rose I left them as is. 
Plus I figured they would be less noticeable after paint and gloss.

Here is the final piece. 
I painted it with acrylic paint and used a coat of Triple Thick gloss.
Although the cracks are still visible, the paint and gloss did indeed smooth them out, just as I had anticipated.

Paper clay isn't my first choice material for a reason, however, I like it for lightweight pieces. I prefer not to use it in jewelry because in my experience it isn't as durable as other clays such as polymer, but I think it works well for jewelry box deco and other home decor projects.

Overall I liked Creative Paper Clay. My only real complaint is the color of the dried clay. You can't get nice colors by blending pigments while it is wet like you would with plain white, it is probably best to paint the dried piece to achieve good color.