June 04, 2011

Outfit Post- Happy International Lolita Day

Since today is International Lolita Day I figured I might as well dress up. It's a good excuse. There was a local meet up, but I had to work this morning so I was unable to attend. But that's okay, it was outdoors and today is super hot. Instead I went and treated myself to pearl milk tea. ♥ I tried taro flavor for the first time. The taste was different from what I had imagined, not that it's a bad thing.

 This skirt is kinda heavy so I have to wear entirely too many petticoats to achieve poof and it didn't last long. Maybe I should invest in a super fluffy one (like that classical puppets one), as it would be more comfortable with less waistbands and more practical.

 I like the way these two necklaces look worn together. This cameo necklace is probably my favorite necklace I own. It was originally on a gold chain, but I think it looks nicer with pearls. The pink ones are freshwater pearls. They're really nice and almost all round and symmetrical. The white ones are glass with a pink ribbon.