May 13, 2011

There's Always Less Perfect Days Made For Crafting

The past few weeks I've been busy spending the majority of my spare time doing activities other than crafting. The weather is warm, it calls me out of my craft room and into the world. It is only a matter of time before it gets so hot I lose all interest in going outdoors (unless swimming is involved.)

Instead of spending my days at the sewing machine, I venture outside to photograph the world, stroll in the parks, enjoy my balcony garden, and ride my bike to the tea house. These days are too perfect to turn into crafting marathons. The only problem is that my crafting suffers. Or does it? No. I know in the long run my crafting benefits.This is an opportunity for creativity to renew itself, find new inspiration from external sources, explore new possibilities.

How can you expect to be a great artist when all you know is what's inside?