May 27, 2011

Lolita At The French Bakery and The Catnip Mouse

Hello lovelies! I hope life is treating you well.
Today I have more photos to share from the past month.

I went to a french bakery downtown to eat some macarons and drink mocha. They were good, except a bit too sweet. I really wanted lavender flavor, but they were all out so instead I got rose and caramel. The caramel ones were my favorite. The first two I ate at room temperature and the one I took home I enjoyed cold. It tasted less sweet that way.

So pretty.
This is what I wore for the day. The girl at the bakery was asking me questions about where I was going and if I had something special planned. I could tell she wanted to ask about my outfit without sounding rude.

I had the ends of my hair curled, but it didn't last.
I made a catnip mouse for my kitty. He is very aggressive when it comes to playtime so it only lasted a day before it was ripped apart. He had a stuffed bird that he tore the head off and scattered the stuffing all over the house, I'm still finding pieces laying around. Maybe I should buy him those stuffing free plush dog toys...

Anyone know where this cute pixel art is from? I found it on a Japanese site, but forgot to bookmark and now I can't seem to find it. If you happen to know I'd love if you'd give me the link! ♥

Thanks for reading!