February 18, 2011

Recent Purchases- Black Bolero and Brown Shoes

Today I would like to share two of my most recent purchases.

I bought this black bolero from a girl on egl_comm_sales to match many black dresses I own. I love the dresses, but they all have straps and most of the time I would prefer my shoulders to be covered.

I have been looking for a nice but inexpensive bolero or cardigan for awhile now. When I saw this I knew it was perfect! I bought it new with tags for $8 shipped.

I also have been wanting some new shoes, its been awhile since I've bought any. Most of my shoes are flats or sneakers, so I was looking for something dressy with heels or a platforms. Also, I have quite a few brown outfits but no brown shoes other than my hiking boots. I typically wore gold or black shoes with those outfits.

I came across these shoes at a store called Shoe Carnival. I paid only $7.50 for them on clearence, the original price was $44.99 so I got a really great deal!

Yes, I have a strange love for getting a good deal, to me it is the ultimate shopping experience and makes me feel great. My bank account appreciates it as well. I like getting the most from my hard earned dollars. And I have lots of bills to pay so I'm on a pretty strict budget.

Thanks for reading! ♥

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NanaChan said...

Wow!!!! What a good deal!!! I love it when everything is on sale too!

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