August 16, 2010

WIP Decoden Project - Phone Case

I recently bought a new phone and decided I wanted to make it pretty and sparkly. So I bought a hard case for it and began a deco project. This is what I have completed so far. Everything is going to be covered in rhinestones. Its going to take a long time, but so far I am happy with the results.

Originally I was going to have a cute pink deer cabochon and a few roses on the back, but when I was laying out the design I discovered the shape of the deer made it hard to fit the rhinestones around. Even with my smallest rhinestones it wasn't working out, so I decided to go with a rhinestone star design instead.

I am going to add one more row of rhinestones around the stars, in hot pink. The jewels that I will use to fill in the back are going to be clear, with a few hot pink ones scattered around. The front jewels will continue their current pattern. I think I will use hot pink jewels around the sides.
When I am finished I will post the final result.