April 30, 2010

Too Hot For Tea

One of my favorite things is flowering tea, it's just so pretty to look at. This morning I somehow, barely, managed to drink my hot tea, even though it was already well over 80°F by the time I woke up. Soon I will have to trade my hot tea in for some cooler hibiscus tea. I need to start liking iced tea!
As the day progressed it just kept getting hotter. The high for today was suppose to be 97°F. I checked the weather report just now, and it said it ended up being 95°F but the RealFeel® temp was 101°F. I hate the heat. It's just spring right now, I don't even want to imagine what the summer is like. And it is so humid here.
All day I felt like I was going to die! All I did today was sweat, it was so hot I didn't want to move. I changed my clothing about 10 times trying to get comfortable and hoping the next outfit would be cooler. I almost wore my swimsuit around the house, but it felt too awkward. I was so tempted to turn on the air conditioner, but I suffered through the day for the sake of the environment and saving money on my electric bill.