March 11, 2009

Tokyo Hardcore

My charms are now avialable in Tokyo Hardcore, a local pop culture shop here in Albuquerque. They sell items and products from Hello Kitty, Gloomy Bear, Upper Playground, and local designers.
If you live in the area, the shop is located across from UNM at 115 Harvard st SE #2. (Central and Harvard).

I'm excited because it is the first shop I have gotten my stuff in!

I wasn't sure how many items to take in so I ended up only taking ten. Now I wish I had taken in more, atleast I know for the next time. I was really nervous when I went in, but the shop owner loved my creations. She took five of the ten I brought in, gave me feedback, and asked me to bring in more in two weeks. The other five items she said she really liked, but felt that there weren't enough that were of the same "theme".

This comming Monday or Tuesday I will be taking in some more items. I've been busy durning my time off making a lot of new charms for the shop. The owner asked me to bring in more dessert items, so most of the charms I have been making are cake slices, chocolates, and cupcakes.